Thursday, November 02, 2006

Marmelade Fly / sirelane / Episyrphus balteatus

So far probably my best insectmacro...
Ilmselt seni minu parim putukamakro...



Blogger MBrown said...

Absolutely wonderful in my opinion!
The details, the fabulous colors, the composition you used, ... really a nice image you have here with excellent overall appeal for this viewer's eyes!!

10/12/06 07:13  
Blogger Aleksei said...

So very sharp))

Livejournal: Stoneballs

I wonder how u did it? I mean technically

6/1/07 07:00  
Blogger BoBo- said...

Tõesti väga terav ja muidu väga hea tulemus!

25/1/07 16:09  
Blogger Tiina said...

Oi kui hästiõnnestunud pilt!

3/2/07 00:09  
Blogger moggie said...

this has got to be one of the best macro shots i have seen of a hoverfly! very impressive.

17/3/07 06:32  
Anonymous laisk said...

WOW! see tyyp on kyll hiigla hasti pildile jaand. nii puhas pilt.

19/3/07 03:56  

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